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Domain controller FRS JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.

Inherited a domain.  

I have 3 Windows 2012 controllers.  2 have been around for some time.  I recently added to see if I could figure out the problem. Functional level of the domain is Windows 2008

DC1 has netlogon and sysvol shares.  Shows it has been in journal wrap probably for a year. Holds all FSMO roles.
DC2 no shares.  Has not be replicating for over a year.
DC3 (new) no shares.  Cant sync either.

DC1 clearly holds the keys to the kingdom and if it goes offline, we have issues.  

Can I safely perform the D4 authoritative restore on DC1 and then do I do a D2 on the others?  Not sure of the process here since there appears to be a total lack of replication on the secondary controllers.

Many thanks
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