AIX backup script for TS3100 3573-L2U

We have IBM 9111 520 on AIX 5.3 and planning to replace the existing SCSI 3581 auto loader with the TS3100 3573-L2U SCSI.
I currently using backup script with AIX command tapeutil (mount & unmount) & backup.  
I wish to know if the same script will work on the T3100 3573?

the script as follows:
/usr/bin/tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 mount ${2}  
/usr/sbin/chdev -l rmt1 -a block_size=0
/bin/find acu opt etc usr var/spool/ cron/crontabs/root scripts home `find * -prune -type l` data  | /usr/sbin/backup -ivqf /dev/rmt1 -b100
/usr/bin/tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 unmount ${2}

Ken LauAsked:
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Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
Supposing you installed the same utilities on both computers, the only non portable part of your script is the reference to the device accessing the tape rmt1.
So, you only have to check if the tape device where you write the backup is accessed in the same way on both computers. If you have only one tape device, it will have the same number on both computers and you will need no change in the script.
It is always wise to run a test on an empty tape before.
Surely you have to do something to tell it that the library is different? Otherwise tapeutil would not know how to tell the robot to mount the tape.
Carlos IjalbaIT Systems DirectorCommented:

tapeutil has been replaced quite a while ago by the IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool (ITDT), but the options are exactly the same.

itdt -f /dev/rmt1 status			Query drive status
itdt -f /dev/rmt1 vpd			Display drive Vital Product Data (VPD)
itdt -f /dev/rmt1 devinfo			Show device information
itdt -f /dev/rmt1 path			Check tape and path SCSI information
itdt -f /dev/rmt1 fuser			Display which process is using the drive
itdt -f /dev/rmt1 mount <element number>	Mount tape from element number on drive rmt0
itdt -f /dev/rmt1 unmount <element number>	Dismount tape from element number on drive rmt0

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So yes, it should work OK, unless you share the TS3100 with other OS, or use a backup software like Spectrum Protect, etc, in which case, you might have to use tape library commands instead of tape drive commands. Otherwise, it will work the same as before with the tapeutil cmd.
But how do either program know what the library is? the commands used to move a tape on one type of library are not the same as those for a different type. There has to be some sort of configuration file or do they interrogate the library every time to see what make/model it is? With Windows for example you have to change the driver if you change the library even if you retain the same tape drive. That's what Ken Lou will have to configure.
Ken LauAuthor Commented:
Thanks to replies, but our IBM server lack any updates to its AIX 5.3 OS since 2004.
Adding this tape library is purely to "keep the lights on" whilst new ERP is being implemented.
Will close question as have engage local IBM partner

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