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Unable to create a flash power point with a test and completion certificate that send a email to their supervisor

How can I add a test to the attached power point and when the person finishes taking the test and pass with a 65, they will receive an certificate and I will receive an email that they completed the annual security awareness review.  I am not sure if there is freeware that you can suggest or a tutorial I can follow.  Please share any ideas or suggestions.  Thanks.
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You're describing an LMS (Learning Management System) coupled with some sort of membership system.

Maybe WordPress + LearnDash (LMS plugin) + Restrict Content Pro (Membership plugin).

There are many different LMS + Membership plugins for WordPress.

Watch a few YouTube videos on various options to find what works best for you.

Take a look at the LearnDash quiz builder, for embedding quizzes in courses or having a certification quiz/test as course end.