Help with writing a manual:  Logging into the system? or Logging in to the system

brothertruffle880 used Ask the Experts™
Help with technical grammar.

is it:
Logging into the system
Logging in to the system.
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Adrian McGarryChief Information Officer
Neither are grammatically incorrect. my preference would be "Logging into"
The word "logging" and "in" are needed to complement each other. For instance, we use "login" as a noun. You can also simply say that someone "logged in," and the meaning is still clear. Because these items are coupled, I would suggest "Logging in to..."

"Into" and "in to" are often used interchangeably, but they serve different prepositional purposes.

A correct usage of "into" would be if someone "changed into a different shirt." Notice how "changed in" does not have a clear meaning in this context, but "logged in" does. That's because "in" is not paired with "changed" the way it is paired with "logged."

The difference between "into" and "in to" can be a bit complicated, so I apologize if this is more confusing than helpful!


Thanks to both of you!

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