at what point in the future can we expect human like androids to coexist with us in industry?

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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I am wondering at what point should we expect human androids to become mainstreamed within various industries of our society.  This question stems from the following link  which is very thought provoking.  I am figuring we can not expect to see such an integration within our lifetime.

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Nicolas LecanuAnalyst developer

Hi GMartin,

 I read an interesting article about that, and i think we can't really know, but you can make your own opinion about that.

Here a link about what some experts think.
Principal Software Engineer
Not within our lifetimes.  Disregarding the AI aspect, industrial robots have always suffered from one major problem and will continue to do so for a long time:  Either they have to be plugged in to a power source or they can't use power at the levels required to do anything useful.

If it's tethered to a power source there's no need for it to be androform; better to use one designed to do that job well.

On the other hand one might argue that a robot could be packed full of lithium batteries and have enough power to work through a single shift, but is it really a good idea to have a walking bomb on a factory floor?
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Industrial Robots are a common occurance today. Autonomous Android type robots probably never. There are many disadvantages to the human shape. Bipedal motion is very complex compared to QuadruPedal motion. Fusion reactors would be needed or batteries with enough capacity are very far into the future. Fusion reactors have a large consumer backlash.  Even safe nuclear fission reactors come with a lot of problems (consumer)
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Jan LouwerensSoftware Engineer

*Looks around nervously*

My cover's been blown!
Lucas BishopMarketing Technologist
Considering how Google Glass is being integrated into manufacturing facilities, it's not much of a stretch to say we already have a variant of cyborg in the workplace:

Human robots reminds me of #1 from 1969 ..... likely before you were born
It's not an answer to your question but think what the lyrics could mean.

The last part where it speaks of "man has cried a billion tears, for what he never knew"........for what he never knew refers to man not knowing why on those billion tears.

It's a wonderful song and looking into the far reaching future. The images were added. The only ones that feature Zager and Evans are live performances or a still photo of them as the audio plays.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Considering the way that Amazon treats their warehouse workers, one could also reasonably say that we already have robots in the workforce.


Thank you everyone for your shared feedback.   Without a doubt, there were some very thought provoking answers here.


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