htaccess Redirect 301 ignored in drupal site

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I have changed part of  an old Drupal Site to a Wordpress site in a subdomain.  

The main part of the Drupal site still exists, I have just taken the shopping cart portion and built it in a Wordress, which sits in a subdomain

I am trying to redirect the old product pages ot the new ones, but my htaccess code is ignored..

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on

Redirect 301  /cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=A30-E

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I have tried writing the redirect a few ways, all are ignored..  Redirect, RedirectMatch 301, redirectPermanent, etc.

I do have a lor of products as well, it would be good if I could do a wildcard for all /cgi-bin/*
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<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /

Redirect 301  /cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=A30-E


thank you for responding, no luck with that


Now this works for a wildcard

RedirectMatch 301 ^/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?.*$

How can i also make that work for individual pages..
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Maybe it has something to do with the directory it is pointing to for the cgi-bin ?
I am a little over my head at the moment but for symbolic links, Allow Override needs to be enabled.

This may shed some light.  Also, give it a little bit and someone smarter than me will be by with an answer.
I went with this

RedirectMatch 301 ^/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?.*$

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