Fastest means to clone a Cisco 1U older switch to a newer replacement?

I want to replace several WS-C3560X-48PF-E Cisco switches with 2960X. I want the same features enabled and configuration for the ports, the VTY, AAA - everything. What would be the fastest way to clone the old with the new? Copy/paste would need to consider encrypted secrets go to clear text, the self-signed cert section I think should just be omitted and leave what comes with the box. Any other thoughts on speeding the process but not missing anything?
amigan_99Network EngineerAsked:
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atlas_shudderedSr. Network EngineerCommented:
You are going to run into a few places where the config will differ.

What I generally do is push a core base build to the switch then copy in any vlan and SVI information.

From there you will need to confirm that your interface numeration lines up, if so, you can do a config copy past but I would limit this to 12 or so interfaces at a time as some emulators start to choke on more lines than this.

If they don't match then you can do a range command for universal port configuration commands and then copy-paste or hand jam any port specific config.

Alternatively, you can transfer the whole config from the old switch via tftp and then push it to the new switch and the do a copy start run to bring the config forward.  Any incompatible commands will be dropped and you will have to comb that mess out and clean up/correct.

Unless I am going one to one and like for like, I usually stick with the first.  Takes me about 15-20 minutes per switch doing it like this.

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amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for helping me think it through.
atlas_shudderedSr. Network EngineerCommented:
no worries
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