Problem upgrading VMWare tools on 2k3 servers running on a 6.7U1 platform

Bill Courtney
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I just upgraded to 6.7 U1 and am now updating vmware tools. For 2k3 (32 and 64 bit) vms I am have trouble finding the proper
exe's from the vmware download site. Any that I download refuses to run. Can someone please point me the right direction?

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leave the older version of VMware Tools, as you'll have issues! (with later version of tools), crashing, display driver issues etc

Technically 2003 is not longer supported by VMware, because Microsoft no longer supports it.

If you upgrade tools, and hardware machine version you'll have issues with the VM!

otherwise VMware tools can be found on the VMware Tools site...

but you've been warned tampering with tools which already works!
Bill CourtneyThe stupid vmware guy


Easy answer and easier solution..  Mahalo again

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