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Why are some files in a folder displaying a green font? My other files are indicated in a black font!

I have a windows 7 folder with files inside.  Why are the file names in a GREEN font?  All the rest of my files are indicated in a black font.
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Files with green font are encrypted, files in blue font are compressed. Right-click > Properties to unencrypt them.
files and folders shown in green text are encrypted.

if you encrypted a folder and all its subfolders and files, any folders and files inside the main folder are also encrypted and displayed in green. any files or folders you create in the main folder in the future are also encrypted.

see HERE the Properties window to see how to enable it.
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THanks for the pointers.  Here's the oddity:  

I want to get rid of the green font.   But when I right click, there's no unencrypt option.
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