Convert text box to label with code

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In is it possible to convert a text box to a label using code
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In is it possible to convert a text box to a label using code
not can't do that.

what is your intention here?
if you mean to initially to have a Text Box for data entry, and then once it's posted back, show what was entered as Label with static value, then you can have a TextBox (with Visible = True) for data entry (while a Label with Visible = False initially), once it's posted, make the TextBox's visible to False, and pass the value of TextBox to Label, and finally set the Label's Visible to True.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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TextBox t = new TextBox();
Label l = new Label();
Control c = (Control) t;
c = (Control) l;

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Thank you both

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