How can i point to a default image in my C# application

I have a default image i want to use in C# application

I stored  the default image  in c:\crystal\images\defaultimage.png

I am trying to point to  it in my application as my default image but

somehow pointing  to the file with pbxPhoto.Image = ("C:\Crystal\Images\defaultimage.png");

 gives a syntax error (see attached)

Please note that i am getting the error in the code even before running

How can i resolve this error
Olukayode OluwoleSystems AnalystAsked:
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Tapan PattanaikSenior EngineerCommented:
what error you are getting ?
Olukayode OluwoleSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
If you look at the attached file you will see the  slash character between the folders

being flagged.

This is more like a syntax error and of course i cant run with the error


The backslash is an escape character in C#.  You need to add either a string literal indicator at the front of the string:
pbxPhoto.Image = (@"C:\Crystal\Images\defaultimage.png");

Open in new window

Or, use an extra backslash -
pbxPhoto.Image = ("C:\\Crystal\\Images\\defaultimage.png");

Open in new window

That being said a better option would be using the image as an embedded resource; that is unless the user can choose a different image.


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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
either use your appsettings or copy the image to your source directory and then use a relative path from there
Olukayode OluwoleSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
I have tried both options with the 2 statements

pbxPhoto.Image = Image.FromFile("C:\\Crystal\\Images\\defaultimage.png");
pbxPhoto.Image = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Crystal\Images\defaultimage.png");

I got the same error  File not Found (see attached)

Error Screen form the 2 Options provided
Even though the file exists.

What could I be doing wrong

Olukayode OluwoleSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the effort.
I would have loved to listen to the UTube video but there is no voice

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