How do I save CloudFlare settings in case someone messes them up?

Lev Seltzer
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My client has a free cloudflare account. A new developer is having difficulty with the website, and wants to adjust cloudflare's settings to try to get it to work better. But the developer is afraid that they might not succeed and will not be able to return the settings to the current values.

Is there a way to save and restore these settings?
If not, is there a way to get a printout or some type of copy of the settings so that someone could go through this list and change the settings to these values?

THank you.
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CloudFlare provides no mechanism for this.

Just cut + paste the text of the record into a file.

Most common record changing will be an A record pointing to a specific IP, in which case you'll just record both IPs, so you can switch back + forth easily.

Tip: CloudFlare... sigh... works differently than most people imagine.

When you're testing record changes, set the record(s) being worked on to bypass CloudFlare completely (no caching) + then set a very low TTL on the record.

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