Can HP remotely disable use of their genuine ink cartridges?

I do not feel that I can get an accurate answer from HP regarding a matter of concern. I have a very seldom used HP8620 printer. It has been enrolled in the "Instant Ink" program for more than a year and a half along with an HP extended warranty plan. I have not utilized the original cartridges that I had purchase as the first replacements yet. ( I bought them prior to joining the instant ink program). HP has sent me a set of the Instant Ink cartridges ready for their first use many months ago.  Since these are the first set I have not been charged the monthly fee yet. I accidentally let the hardware extended warranty expire by one month. The question: If I discontinue the instant ink program and attempt to utilize the new cartridges does HP have the wherewithal to prevent them from functioning?
NOTE: I have two other HP printers under extended warranty that DO utilize the instant ink program and the cartridges.
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Not remotely, but their cartridges have an expiry date encoded on the chip and as a "quality" measure their printer software can reject expired cartridges.  That's nothing new and is not because you're "instant ink" account isn't in good standing.

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Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
There's also the contract you entered into, if they sent the cartridges to you as part of the agreement then if you were to subsequently sell them on ebay it would be counted as theft. Not that that was your intention but these capacity on demand type contracts are more about paperwork than tech stuff.
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Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Wow! That is good information to have. I have no idea how I missed that part of the 23,554,665 word terms of use agreement.

Funny / Odd aside: All this started when at 3:00 am one morning I heard the printer at work. The printer had not been asked to do ANYTHING by me. I am the only one that prints. I had not used it for three WEEKS. There it sat working hard at printing out a 100 page user manual that I no longer had any use for. It made me wonder just HOW much information the 23,554,665 word document actually grants HP. I think that the Instant Ink program is truly a wonderful thing to have for several reasons, but it had me puzzled. Hopefully it cannot integrate into my Insteon Home Automation system. Who knows WHAT it might want to control?

I appreciate your insight and comments. Thanks andyalder!
Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
I can just picture myself in a jail cell being asked by my cellmate: "Whatcha in for?"
Oldest aside was about 30 years ago when we took over a maintenance company that included "free" paper in the contract. I was a lowly bench engineer and insisted paper couldn't be on support - but it was.
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