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Windows Updates issue

We have several Windows 7 OS workstations that when running updates, a message appears indicating "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes."  Is there an easy fix to this so that the workstation can receive updates?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

No there isn't, you need to find out the issue and then resolve it. Go through the event log and find out why it couldn't install them.


Nicolas Lecanu

Hi rsba,

Here 2 solution to solve this error, the 2nd solution is pretty long but I think this will fix this issue.

Unfortunately you can't just use a generic site in the sheer hope that it'll resolve the issue and i'm really sorry but "Waiting it out" in a corporate environment is ridiculous. That is not a valid or even sensible way to resolve the issue.

Also you've not even mentioned checking the error code within windows update or even recycling the entire windows update package to reinstall it.

So the above, no, not even close to a valid resolution. sorry. Don't even install that software!!!

Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Tiborg Guarana

Try to check on which updates had problems with installing. Then find out what could be cause for that.

Generally I agree with the above, but you CAN go through the Microsoft Update Troubleshooter for Multiple Operating Systems. Follow all the steps and reboot steps you can.


John is bang on the money with that one, I should have linked it.

Just don't try that other site, please just don't.
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Scott Silva

I have run across an issue like this with older systems getting refreshed with their stored deploy images... For some reason older images have done this trying to install IE 11 if you wait for WU to install it... So in these few cases, (which will soon go away when we migrate to 10, or at least be a new issue...) I just install IE11 right after image deployment and before letting updates catch up... You might have a similar issue... unresolved update dependencies or order dependencies. Look in your logs, and try to install the offending update by itself before the others...
Robert Retzer

Advanced System Repair Pro is not an application you want to install on your computer, as others have stated in this thread. This application can do more damage to your operating system then any good. I have heard too many evil stores of inexperienced users using applications such as this one and then they bring me their messed up computers for me to fix. I usually end up backing up the users data and the doing a full operating system reinstall. The application pretends to fix this or that or says it finds..... 1000 errors and will fix only some of them and then you have to pay for the application if you want to fix the rest of the errors some of these errors were caused intentionally by the application itself. Buyers beware.

you could do a system restore that removes the latest updates, then restart the updating
that usually works for me
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William Peck
Jeff Perkins

I'm a tremendous Windows 7 hanger on and I've encountered this numerous times.  The majority of those times it was because of a failed Win 10 upgrade, or an attempt by Windows to try and upgrade.  
I've found an easy fix that has worked for me every time.
Download GWX Control Panel from here:  http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/
This little program was designed to prevent the dreaded Win 10 upgrade that got forced on so many people when they weren't looking, which I am aware is no longer an issue, but it does have a nice little feature to clear the Windows Update Cache.   Be aware, reading the cautions that come with it, that this will make the system act as if it doesn't know that it's ever received an update, it clears the update history cache.  This will also mean the first search for updates will take longer than normal, but it should clear your update problems.  
If it doesn't work, post back and we'll troubleshoot further. But be mindful, that we will have to attack each problem separately.

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Thanks for the feedback.  The WSUS worked.