help with voice gateway routers and checking what numbers are active.

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Dear experts,

I have Cisco voice gateway routers and I need to know if there are any fax lines active in this organization. Is there a way to figure it out and what is the process?
unfortunately, the company does not have enough info but they have many MFP printers with fax lines and are working.

Thank you
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Sr. Voice Engineer
The be-all-end-all of seeing which numbers land at a company is a CSR or Customer Service Record from the telco. This can be ordered by whoever pays the bill. the 2nd best way is to look at the bill. If you have technical questions about what lands on a trunk (SIP or PRI) run the appropriate debug on your voice gateway(s) and start dialing numbers that you think are assigned. For SIP, use debug ccsip messages. For PRI use debug isdn q931. Neither of these debugs will cause an issue on the router, in fact, I leave some of them running forever.

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