706 GB of Temporary Files!!!!

Sabbir Ahmed Khan
Sabbir Ahmed Khan used Ask the Experts™
Can someone please help me? My windows server 2016. My server windows>temp location have created a lot of .temp files and it is created automatically. if I deleted this and it is again created within a short time. How can stop this?
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You'll have to run Process Monitor for a while to know which thread is responsible for that.

And even if you find out who's responsible, sometimes it can't be helped (hardcoded program/service).
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

How many is "a lot" of files?  100 ... 1000 ... 10,000?  And how big is each file?  Do the sizes vary, or are they all more or less the same size?  Is there any indication from the filename what is creating them?

Kimputer is right.  Find out who the guilty party is, then you can see if anything can be done about it.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

It sounds like it could be malware, I heard for malware filling up the drive with useless files. If you cant find the process that is creating the temp files I would run a malware scan to see if it can find the virus or malware that is causing this issue especially if it is in the temp folder.
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It could just be Windows updates.  I've seen a few systems where Windows updates keeps failing, and it keep downloading and expanding a new cab file into C:\windows\temp\.  What sort of files are you seeing?
Sabbir Ahmed KhanSystem Engineer


I used in here exchange server
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post a screenshot of these files

First, I assume you have used the disk cleanup tools, including the clean system files option without getting any significant results.  

My next step would be to use a directory tree size viewer,  like Treesize,  to find out exactly what folder(s) is using all the space.   Once you know that, you can proceed to take appropriate actions.  

For treesize, you would need the professional edition to examine a server.  I believe they offer a free trial, that may be all you need for now.

See:  https://www.jam-software.com/treesize/index.shtml
System Engineer
This temp file creating for exchange server um services.

Thanks for marking your own answer as the answer, when the first reply was "And even if you find out who's responsible, sometimes it can't be helped (hardcoded program/service).", as in.... what you marked yourself as the answer.

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