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Blank Outlook Reply/Forward Office 365

When doing a reply or forward to an e-mail from Office 365 the reply appears blank.  When Outlook is running in safe mode it works properly.

I've tried to turn off the hardware accelerator (which I found in some postings) it has no affect.

Any Help would be appreciated.

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Do you mean the receiver doesn't see the forwarded message contents? If that's the case, and Outlook shows them correctly in safe mode, look at the add-ins in Outlook. The next troubleshooting step would be to disable each add-in, one by one, til the problem no longer appears in safe mode. Once you reach that point, note the add-in that is disabled just before the problem no longer shows, then enable all add-ins but that one. If the problem returns, repeat the above process to determine which apps are causing the noted add-in to fail.

This is a long troubleshooting process, but is necessary to narrow down causes.
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The receive receives the e-mail but it has no content, other than the signature block.  The Sent folder has the sent mail but, like the recipient, with a blank content.

Thanks for the hint - i will try to disable the add-ins and will let you know.

Hi Adam,

i disabled all of the add-in's except Sharepoint and Exchange - no difference.

When the user adds a signature block it appears but the content is still blank - this has been consistent.  The strange thing is when the email arrives and the alert appears on the screen, the content (the body text is "Test 1" up to Test 16) shows int the alert - but not in the body.

so it is as if the text arrives but is invisible.

Set the message format to be text based instead of HTML based. It's possible the signature is incorrectly crafted in such a way that it breaks the HTML formatting for the rest of the message (Or edit the HTML for the signature to make sure the tags are terminating properly and that there is not a <body> tag at the beginning (HTML based emails that are sent through Outlook by default already have a body tag, so having a body tag in the signature's HTML code will compete with that and cause issues)
We will do that but understand that it fails with or without the signature block.

thanks for sticking with me.

Have you attempted a repair on the Office Install?
Have you tried the same procedure using Outlook online instead of the program installed on the system?
What version of Outlook are you using?
Could you check the build info please?
Sorry Jeff - i was with other clients the last two days but should have gotten to you earlier.  Yes, i did run a repair, then i uninstalled the office 365 (the version we are using) and reinstalled and it failed.

i am thinking that the best thing to do is to rebuild the workstation which is really quick now.

will let you know.

rather than a rebuild, I would suggest perhaps a new profile, this could save you some time.
Do the emails involved have backgrounds or other graphical features that might cause issues?
Did the profile fix a few days ago - it didn't help.  The symptom is when the user replies to an e-mail the mail has nothing in the reply.  I was testing with  - "Test 1" - "Test n" - When i received the e-mails the mail notification came in and it said "Text n" - but when the mail is opened - the reply is totally blank.

i am working on a rebuild of another client - and will install Office 365 on it and see if the problem follows the e-mail address or if the problem is unique to the client's workstation.

Will keep you posted.
I added Office 365 to the workstation I'm building and it worked perfectly.  Could send, receive and reply without a problem.  Will let this run for a few days and if there is no problem then will rebuild the client's workstation.

One more thing - when the client brought Outlook up in safe mode it worked.  Removed all add-in's except for Exchange but that didn't help.

will let you know if this works.

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