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SharePoint Online List Color Coding

I have a SharePoint Online list with a couple columns that I'm trying to color code based on a specific value.  Column 1 if value=yes, I want the cell to be light green and column 2 if value=Yes, make the cell light yellow and if value=N/A or No then the cell would be colored light red.
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Sean Inman

8/22/2022 - Mon
Nicolas Lecanu

hi Sean Inman,

Start by creating a calculated column that displays the text value you want eg:

=IF ([Column 1] = "yes", "green", "red")
=IF ([Column 2] = "yes", "yellow", "red")

Then use this script:

function CellColour()
var cell = $('td'); 

cell.each(function() {                    //loop through all td elements 

var cell_value = $(this).html();          //get the value

if (cell_value == "red")    
    $(this).css({'color' : '#FA0404'});   // changes color to red.
if (cell_value == "green")       
    $(this).css({'color' : '#60FF0B});   // changes color to green.
if (cell_value == "yellow")       
    $(this).css({'color' : '#F5F902'});   // changes color to yellow.




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I found a similar problem here,  I hope this will help you.
Sean Inman

I found some JSON examples and I tried to modify it for my example but haven't been able to get it to work yet. Below is the JSON that I modified.  I have also attached screenshots showing the list edit column fields.

	"$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/sp/column-formatting.schema.json",
	"elmType": "div",
	"attributes": {
		"class": "=if(@currentField == 'Yes', if(@currentField == 'No', if(@currentField == 'N/A',)))) + ' ms-fontColor-neutralSecondary'"
	"children": [
			"elmType": "span",
			"style": {
				"display": "inline-block",
				"padding": "0 4px"
			"attributes": {
				"iconName": "=if(@currentField == 'Yes', 'CheckMark', if(@currentField == 'No', 'Forward', if(@currentField == 'N/A', 'Error',))))"
			"elmType": "span",
			"txtContent": "@currentField"

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Sean Inman

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