Windows VHD Mounting issues

In MS environments we manage, we often use virtual drives for storing WSUS updates, system backup dump files, security video and so forth.  I create a folder on the storage device, build a virtual drive in that folder, initialize and mount the drive; all is well.  The problem is that the drives will not stay mounted.  I haven't been able to focus in on what causes them to disconnect, but it seems like something as mundane as a reboot will cause the drive to disconnect and it will not connect again unless it is reconnected manually.  Meanwhile, WSUS, backups, and cameras have issues due to storage problems.

I've tried to have scheduled tasks periodically dismount and remount the drive, but that has not proven to be reliable, either.

Therefore, I am open for suggestions.
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need more info really. What versions of windows? Why are you creating/using virtual drives for this purpose?
Why not store locally or on a share?
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