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We have experienced organic growth within our environment for graphical rendering type use cases.  We have about 12 users that have a requirement for cpu intensive or gpu intensive workloads.  At the moment we have purchased high spec'd machines which they use locally.  Im looking at future growth and wondering what the next step up in architecture would look like.  When would we reach the tipping point in terms of price and value to moving to a more enterprise approach.

The programs we use are:
3DS Max
Cinema 4
Revit LT
SKetchup Pro
Creo with Windchill
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Other than good workstations, nothing is really going to give you any further rendering advantage. Good I7 or comparable processors, tons of ram, and solid state drives, along with good graphics cards.
We are going to look for a company that can provide this as a service as the current solution is unsustainable for us.

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