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Ability to split payments between friends, from another corporate friend for Access Web App. Upwork? Freelancer?

Jeff Everett
Jeff Everett asked
A good buddy and I are helping another friend at a large corporation with an Access database performance issue.  My buddy is developing the SQL Web App stuff and I am in charge of all the server maintenance.  Its a 70% 30% split between the both of us.  Is there a service that will let us be paid individually at these percentages? For example client pays the entire balance and then its split 70/30 between the two of us? Does Upwork (or similar) offer something that could be of help in this scenario? We are being paid via a corporate credit card. Which is nice!
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Be mindful that those/most services are going to take a percentage off the top. If memory serves, Upwork takes 30%.


You are correct good sir! Upwork will take a cut in increments. Upwork will reduce the rate once you receive more $500 I believe to 10% from 20% . Then once you are paid over $10,000 I believe it goes to 1%. We will only get one payment via credit card per week from our client so to reduce paying two people we need a payment splitting solution. Thanks for the info!
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Talk to a tax accountant.  A pass-through LLC might be the solution.
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A separate corporation to handle the overall flow of funds (as noted above) is a good idea.

If you are truly top-notch good friends, have the client give all the money to A and have A pay B 30%.  This avoids monthly fees and corporation fees but you need to implicitly trust each other 100.0%


Thank you all for your help. The best way to solve my issue was to form another company. Then one has to figure out is it going to be a LLC? S-Corp or C-Corp? For me is was an LLC. Thanks again everyone!