PC keeps going back to set up, just as it was about to open windows 2000

David Bell
David Bell used Ask the Experts™
Hello, this is my problem.
 I have a Compaq Evo W8000 Running windows 2000 professional windows NT Workstation 4.0
It recently crashed and so I reinstalled windows 2000 and it worked again for a short while and then crashed again I removed the back panel and it was full of dust so I decided to take it apart and clean it up with compressed air and put it back together without any knowledge of what I was doing and it did not go well. First when turned on the PC it went on loading windows 2000 and then just as it was about to enter windows 2000 it went back into setup and started loading again and then told me the file NT5INF.CAT on service pack 4 is needed then copy files from GLOBALROOT\DEVICE\CDROMO\I386 I then I tried to load the Service pack 4 and I discovered that the CD drive was not showing on the boot list so I cannot load up the files needed from the cd disk. All I have to boot from is the floppy disk 3.5 or the hard drive C: or Compaq Ethernet Controller. Any help or information explained in layman’s terms would be much appreciated as I am not a Pc expert by any stretch of the imagination.
Thank you.
NOTE:  I only use this PC windows 2000 for running Media composer Video editing.
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Michael WarrenNetwork Engineer II

Hello David,

In all likely hood when you removed the back cover you probably cause the connections to the cdrom drive to be disturbed.
To verify this when you turn on the pc, go into the BIOS, I believe it is either by pressing the esc key when you power on or f1 or f2.
look and see if you see the message press (blank to enterbios).

There are two connections to an ide device which based on the age of that machine should be what type of devices your pc uses.

There is a ribbon cable and a 4-pin power connector.  Check and see if the grey ribbon cable is plugged into both the main board or motherboard and the back of the drive itself.  if you press the power button on the cdrom drive with the pc powered on does the tray eject to allow you to put a disk in?  or the powerlight on the cd rom drive does it blink?  This will tell you if you need to find the power cable and make sure that it is plugged in?

Once these connections are properly made, then when you boot into BIOS you should see the device listed in BIOS as active.
or if you boot with a cd rom disk in the drive it should respond accordingly.

I hope this helps you resolve your missing CD-rom drive issue.

Let us know how it goes?



Hello Michael
Thank you for your help and advice.
Yes, the CD drive lights up as I turn on the PC and it open and closes and when I press F9 the boot menu comes up “Press Enter to Select IPL Device”  Floppy Drive (A:)   Hard Drive (C:)    Intel (R) Boot Agent Version 3.0. and F10 Boot Order is the same.
So, power cable and the grey ribbon cable are connected.
Any other ideas are welcome.
Thank you

Also I would like to add, there is another cable with lots of pines,  plugged in to the back of the CD drive and the mother board.
Michael WarrenNetwork Engineer II

Hello David,
Ok yes there should be a 24 pin cable that is plugged in abou the middle of the rear of the CD-rom, and the other end should be plugged in to the motherboard or main board .  Make sure that those connections pressed down into each device solidly.

At that point if the CD rom device is not being recognized then it sounds like the actual CD-rom device may have an electronic failure, which means you will need to get another older IDE connection CD-rom drive.

Hope this helps you.

Let us know?


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