Recommendations for cloud based backup service - MS Windows client

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Hi Experts,

I've been using Mozy for cloud based backup (MS Windows client) for many years.
It is being phased out, and replaced by Carbonite.

I've just finished an initial Carbonite backup and it's telling me: "Your files are safely backed up".
But a manual check shows that many files are not backed up!
This issue is discussed here.

I do not want to persevere with trying to cajoling Carbonite into backing up all my files.

I'm looking for recommendations for alternatives.
Reliability and ease of use take precedence over cost.

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Backblaze $50/year (clumsy interface) or use something like cloudberry backup / sync back pro with your own storage provider i.e
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Indeed, it's a surprise to Carbonite users when they must actually use a backup and they discover it didn't ... um ... back up.

Rather than a cloud solution which requires a monthly or yearly subscription, I suggest purchasing a small NAS / SAN of capacity 2 to 4 TB and hanging it on your local network.  Two years of subscription fees to a good cloud storage provider would pay for that hardware and then some.  I/M/O owning your own equipment is usually a better bet than purchasing services that make you dependent on somebody else, and having it on your own network means you can restore without needing internet access.


Hi David and Dr. Klahn,

Thank you for you suggestions.

I have gone with Backblaze.
I only had to add .exe files to cover all my files.


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