Hyper-V Manager over VPN

My computer is part of the domain and when in the office I use Hyper-V manager on my local machine (windows 10 pro) to manage our Hyper-V hosts.     However when I am working out of office in my home office I connect to the office using a VPN client.    And although I have access to the servers through Remote Desktop my local Hyper-V manager will not longer connect to the servers to manage the hosts.     The error is RPC server unavailable.   I have researched this error and have yet to find the solution.
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Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIICommented:
Is the VPN allowing all traffic, or could it be blocking RPC ports? Is there a firewall on the hosts themselves, and if there is, are they allowing whatever IP subnet your VPN is handing out to your system, to connect to RPC on the host?
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
the VPN is allowing all traffic.    The firewalls were temporarily disabled to test if this was the issue and it was not.
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIICommented:
Have you run wire shark or another packet capture to find where the traffic has been dropped? I've seen this happen because of a bad consumer network being used to remote to the host (RPC is sensitive). Without seeing a packet capture, my guess is the host is receiving your request, but doesn't know how to get RPC traffic back to you. Is there a route on the internal network to the VPN network? A packet capture should show you where the traffic is getting dropped.
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Zoldy2000Author Commented:
I can certainly do this and will but my assumption was since I can access and manage this server in all other aspects for example RDP then it was not a routing issue?
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIICommented:
If the traffic is initiated from the laptop, a stateful firewall will allow the response from the server back through. However, such as with Hyper-V manager, when the response from the server comes from a different set of ports and is a different protocol all together (such as DCOM), then the firewall will block it as it appears as all together different traffic. Hyper-V manager isn't a simple send and reply command like opening a web page, there's a lot of traffic that gets initiated from both sides to run it.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
should I run wireshark from the client or server
The error is RPC server unavailable.
That suggests that the ports are blocked.

It might be easier to use one of the servers you can reach as a jump server to access the other systems.  Run Remote Desktop through that.  The server should be able to connect to the server.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
There is a reason I do not want use RDP then access Hyper-V that is why I need to get this working.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Use the FQDN while connected via VPN.

Zoldy2000Author Commented:
I am using the FQDN but thanks for the suggestion
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
1: Make sure the edge device on the corporate side is allowing packet flow for Hyper-V management to traverse.
2: Make sure the Windows Firewall on the Hyper-V server is not blocking incoming packets due to home subnet (Firewall on and Logging on to see).
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
I found a solution .. instead of using hyper-V manager you can create a shortcut to VMConnect and connect to the host console directly.

C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\6.3\vmconnect6.3.exe

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