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What is policy on questions left open & you need more time weeks to months before you can continue the question due to lack of information I need to add for clarity?

I have two questions open. I am waiting on someone outside of EE to get back with me on what we are going to do about the questions I posted. Again not an EE member. Once I get their approval and the information I need I can pursue the questions. So with that said.

What is the policy if a question is left open and you need another few weeks to months on continuing the question further? Meaning me posting more content for clarity and explaining with examples the question further?

Is the policy to close the question, leave it open (like put it on PAUSE) or just delete it all together? What do you guys EE prefer?
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I left this open a bit to see if anyone added their 2 cent. Yours was worth a hundred at least. Thank you for the clarity. You Da' Man!
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Glad to help!