Does Salesforce allow for editing of the database in a linear (row & column) type form?

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Can Salesforce allow me to create a list of accounts that will quickly allow me to open and append a field value? In other words. I would like to create a list of 500 accounts and input the actual total revenues of that particular company into the field called Total Revenue. We need to do that so we can identify if the representative who handles that account big or small really is QUALIFIED/SKILLED enough to handle them by themselves? Is there an efficient way to go into Salesforce and quickly do that? If not Salesforce needs a way to allow Managers a quick edit tool for salesmen, sales teams and representatives so that corrections can be made quickly and efficiently in the even a new salesman or representative missed some entries or new policy calls for the updating of all or some accounts with new variables for analysis purposes. Opening individually could take forever to do. It would be great to have a list with a column like excel and just go down the list entering the correct value....?
Does Salesforce do anything like that?
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The solution is to Create what is called a View. You open the tab for the data you want to append, correct or add. Say Accounts then you go to Accounts Home. Look to the right of View seen below and click Create New View.Find the View under the Accounts TabThen go through the setup of the options available.
Setup View OptionsBe sure to save your work...! Save is at the bottom of the page.

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