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Use powershell to read a text file containing filenames to move just those files from folder A to folder B.

powershell and Windows 7.


I have a text file request.txt containing filenames such as:

Actual filenames:
18-111 member 91-A.pdf
18-111 MD 91-A.pdf
18-222 member 91-B.pdf
18-222 MD 91-B.pdf
18-333 member 91-C.pdf
18-333 MD 91-C.pdf

QUESTION: how do I use powershell to
1) loop through request.txt and do a partial match to identify certain .pdf files to move from folder A to a specific folder B that has the same name as the last 4 characters of the filename?  

18-111 member 91-A.pdf is moved to folder 91-A.
18-111 MD 91-A.pdf is moved to folder 91-A.
18-222 member 91-B.pdf is moved to folder 91-B.
18-222 MD 91-B.pdf is moved to folder 91-B.

2) Add today's timestamp to the end of the filename in the format YYYMMDD_HHMM in 24hour format.
RESULT: If today is 3/26/2019 1:21pm.
18-111 member 91-A 20190326_1321.pdf
18-111 MD 91-A 20190326_1321.pdf
18-222 member 91-B 20190326_1321.pdf
18-222 MD 91-B 20190326_1321.pdf

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