Trying to create a job board spreadsheet that scrolls an embedded power point on a big screen TV.

TVBOARD.xlsxhow do i edit 2 excel worksheets that also has a power point as one of the worksheets. i need these combined because we are needing the right side of the embedded spreadsheet in power point to scroll. i am needing to edit both the excel spreadsheets in order to change the embedded power point worksheet.
Bert MerayoIT ManagerAsked:
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Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
I wonder if you want to do it backwards...Have the powerpoint program running with a slide of a linked ss. Can you upload a sample of what you are doing ?
Bert MerayoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The spreadsheet is now attached. we have already done it backwards. we have already linked a excel spreadsheet in power point and if we don't leave the excel spreadsheet open the power point flickers really bad.
I don't think I understand what your question is exactly. It seems that you want to know how to combine two of the tabs in the attached Excel file? But if I understand correctly, the end goal is to create a dynamic kiosk / signage of some sort.

Linking Excel to PowerPoint shouldn't make the PowerPoint file flicker. But I suppose that's a different issue.

For data-driven presentations, you might check into That's what they specialize in.

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Bert MerayoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
What i am trying to do is make sure the data from the 2 excel worksheets is automatically updated to the 3rd worksheet when i change something. We have the 3rd worksheet on display for our guys to see & i need to be able to edit that while its on display from the other 2
excel worksheets & it change by itself on the 3rd power point worksheet. Thank you
Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying.

Basically, you can add a cell reference in any cell that refers back to another cell in the workbook.

I created a "combined" tab and then I copied the info from the COMM TV sheet and pasted it onto the combined sheet. I right-clicked and chose Paste Link.

paste options paste link
Then I pasted the formatting by selecting the Formatting option on paste.

paste options format

You'd of course need to finesse.

(There are probably easier ways to do this, but it was the fastest, simplest way that I could think of.)

Now, if you look at the combined sheet and put your cursor in a cell, you'll see a cell reference in the formula bar. This is how you tell what the cell is linked to. If you change the original cell, this one will update. In this case my cursor is in cell A1, and it's linked to cell A1 on the COMMTV sheet.

cell reference formula bar
I've included the workbook where I pasted this also.
Bert MerayoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Echo_S let me explain further. The goal is to update the individual worksheets COMMTV and PENDINGJOBS have this data update the third worksheet which is PPSLIDE, it contains an embedded powerpoint that has the exact same fields as COMMTV and PENDINGJOBS. I appreciate the tip but I don't want to combine the two worksheets. I need PPSLIDE because it actually is what runs  to create the scroll effect of the Jobs pending list. If there is a way to scroll information in excel without powerpoint I'm open to that as well. Thank you,
I don't think you can embed PowerPoint into the Excel file and have it update like you want. I suggest that you look into Presentation Point, because I'm pretty sure it would let you do the scroll you want.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:
are you trying to display a "scrollable" powerpoint on to a TV screen?

What i am trying to do is make sure the data from the 2 excel worksheets is automatically updated to the 3rd worksheet when i change something.

I guess I'm not 100% understand your requirements, but in order to refresh the data in 3rd worksheet, it must be opened and saved. To make it automatically updated with refreshed data, you may want to create a data source in Excel and linked it to your worksheet that displaying the data, refresh and then finally save it.
I think he's actually trying to get a PowerPoint slide (inserted as an object?) to update inside an Excel workbook.
Bert MerayoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
We have decided to look into datapoint it is part of, which offers the digital signage functionality we are after. In the meantime I have found other open source/commercial offerings to compare. Thank you all for your help! Bert
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