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Sam Jacobs
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I need to reconfigure passwords for many IIS servers, and manual setup would take way too long, so I will be using PowerShell to automate the process.
I already have all the pieces to set up specific user authentication for each of the application pools, but could use PowerShell assistance with:

1) Setting the local IUSR_ password:
IUSR-Password.jpgBy the way, the version of PowerShell is 4.0, so I cannot use the Set-LocalUser cmdlet (which was first introduced in 5.1).

2) Setting the website identity (I already have the application pool identity set up):
3) Setting the field Physical Path Credentials Logon from ClearText to Network:
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Yikes! For anyone else looking for the above information ... the solution is so simple ... but extremely hard to find.
See this post.
$iisSitePath = "IIS:\Sites\" + $siteName
$website = get-item $iisSitePath
$website.virtualDirectoryDefaults.userName = "domain\username"
$website.virtualDirectoryDefaults.password = "password"
$website | set-item

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