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Needs Help Finding Properties

Greetings experts,

I am trying to find the properties of a certain desktop app however nothing I have tried has worked.

Normally, it would be simple enough as it would appear after right clicking  the icon like this
User generated image
But for some reason, I can't do it for this app
User generated image
Is there any other way I can view the properties? :)
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what app are you talking about??
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The app I am trying to open the properties of is called Microsoft Sway
There is no option to check properties of sway. You can check its settings by accessing it via start then right click and app settings. What else would you like to find about it? :)
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I am actually trying to access the shortcut icon properties so that I can change the image. Is this still possible? :)
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Tiborg Guarana
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I have tried it and it works, however, the shortcut image always tends to be very blurred
Is there any other software?