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is it possible to have an yellow marker in a Power Point Presentation (to show something in the picture)?
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Sure. What kind of marker are you looking for?

If you choose Insert > Shapes, there are a number of possible shapes you could use. Select a shape, then click on the slide to add the selected shape. Drag a corner or other handle to resize it as desired. (Or you can click and drag to add the shape at the size you want.)

Select the shape and choose Drawing Tools Format tab. Click the Shape Fill (paintbucket) icon to change the color to yellow.
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This is on Powerpoint 2013, but if I am understanding your question right, then you can use the markup tool on the bottom left of the presentation. I attached a photo of where it's located, and once you hover over the pen icon, you can use a laser pointer tool to show things, or use a yellow highlighter like you're hoping for to mark up a photo.

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