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Lost local network mapped drives when internet connection is lost

I have a work network (no server, all on the same subnet) that has 7 computers all running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit,  8 NAS drives, and each computer has various mapped drives.  The network is connected to the internet via a WatchGuard router.

Recently we lost our internet connection for several days during that time we were not able to access any of the mapped drives from any of the computers on the network.  We could however access the admin setup for the NAS drives from the Windows Network folder.

When our internet connection was restored, abracadabra the mapped drives all worked again.  To simulate the internet going down I remove the cable into the router from the internet modem.  Once again the mapped drives are lost.  Plug it back in and they are restored.

How do I fix this so that we can access the mapped drives regardless of the status of the internet connection.
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