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DOM pdf error

error when using dom pdf to generate pdf files from php records:
Unable to stream pdf: headers already sent

I have tried all the typical suggested solutions for this but I still get the error
I haven't posted any code yet because I am unsure of exactly what to post
I initially post this error in case anyone has a suggestion of whet the error is actually telling me / doing in terms of code
I am pretty sure it used to work on my server but I have not visited my code for some time so I just cannot remember if anything has changed
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This is because you have code that is trying to set HTTP headers, but the HTTP headers have been sent already.

This is the same error as the PHP one:
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent

...which I cover in my article:

Basically, ANY output at all, even a line break or a single space, will tell PHP / the web server that you're done with the headers portion of the response and you're moving onto the body of the response. So more often than not, this is just a line break somewhere in an included / required file.
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Attached files:

This file is the source file and the links "Create Individual PDF" sends "id2" data to the following page:

This file uses the dom pdf files and has the following file as an include:

Can you see where the issues may be?
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Once again - thanks all