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Shared folders between two MAC machines - shotcuts dissappear


I have an issue with disappearing shortcuts of shared folders between two mac machines. Here is the case in details:

On MAC1 there are 10 folders on the desktop that are shared on the network. They are accessible and visible on MAC2.

When I created shortcuts on the desktop of MAC2, they work fine until MAC1 is rebooted. Then a warning message appears and shortly after that the shortcuts are gone.

Is there a way to resolve this issue?

MAC1 is running macOS Yosemite 10.10.5

MAC2 is running macOS Mojave version 10.14.3

Thank you
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What's the warning message?

Are you using IP or Hostname to get the shortcut?
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The message is Server Connections Interrupted: Like this one:

I am dragging the folders from the Finder to the desktop.
This is by design.

When you reboot, the shared directories are no longer available.

Likely work around will be to write a simple script to do the following...

while (1) {

      sleep 1;

      next if (shortcuts still exist);

      next if (MAC1 is offline);

      recreate your shortcuts here


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