AD mapped H: drive (Home folder) is not seen in wireless domain connection

Rusty Waltz
Rusty Waltz used Ask the Experts™
Dell Laptops, testing one is Latitude 5590 Windows 10 version 1803 , are having trouble maintaining the AD assigned H: drive switching between being docked Dell  (Hard wired) and going to wireless.  In wireless and un-docked the H: drive is not seen.  The set command from this test PC shows..
HOMEPATH=\Users\<AD accountID>

A working unit has these settings 7590 2-1
HOMESHARE=\\fc-courtsfile\users\<AD accountID>

End goal is to try and  figure out why the AD mapping gets lost from transitioning to wireless.   Group policy is not being used to map the H: drive.
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AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

Stupid question, if you double click on the drive, does it not just reconnect it?
Rusty WaltzSystems Administrator


It is not visible in file explorer
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

So you disconnect it from the network and it immediately removes the drive?
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Rusty WaltzSystems Administrator


When we are hard wired to a Dell dock (WD15 with 180W Adapter) we see the network drive.   Once we disconnect from the dock (logout) and go wireless the drive is not shown once we logout/login.  As long as we are logged into the domain we see the drive even while wireless.  But as soon as we log out and log back in the drive is no longer seen.
When you log into via wireless, are you logging into the domain or maybe logging into guest wifi?

Also, is this a domain-joined computer? If anything, you should be receiving a message that some drives are not connected when logging in.
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I haven't seen this issue for a while because I hate wireless and avoid it as much as possible... but what I often find is that when logged out, wireless is NOT active.  It only activates after login - which is too late to process AD info (the computer uses cached credentials to log in).  There was a setting/configuration/driver for dell systems to ensure wireless was always active.  Review the options and available drivers and do some tests - can you ping the PC with no one logged in and it only on wireless?  review the event logs as well!
Rusty WaltzSystems Administrator


Here is the solution,  THANKS Everyone

To ensure that a laptop will connect to Wireless First on attempted login please follow these steps.

Login as the desired User
Join wireless while still wired
Then go to Control Panel/Network and Internet/ Network Connections.
The Wireless settings-right click hit Status
Wireless Properties-confirm that all three
      Connect Automatically when this network is in range-Check
      Connect to a more preferred network-unchecked      
      Connect even if the network is not broadcasting it name (SSID)-Checked
Security Tab-
Advance Security Tab-802.1x
Confirm “Specify authentication mode is checked”
Change the Mode to a”User authentication” from “User or Computer”
Confirm “Enable Single Sign on for this network”
Please make sure “Perform immediately before user login”
Confirm “Allow Additional dialogs to be displayed during single sign on”

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