Powerpoint: End of Presentation although there are still slides

when I go through a Powerpoint Presentation (F5 key), then I get to the end of the presentation after a couple slides/pages although there are still  Powerpoint slides/pages.
Why is that so and how can I remove this behaviour?
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Check Slide Show > Set up Slide Show and see if you've specified a certain number of slides there.

You can also see there if you have set it up to play a custom show, which could also be causing this.

Alternatively, are any of your slides hidden? Hidden slides won't show in slide show view (unless you do some specific navigation to get to them).

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It seems that you have a PPT / PPTX file and using the F5 key to "View Show".

What happens when you save the presentation as a PPS / PPSX file and then double-click on it to play the presentation?
Software SoftwareAuthor Commented:
I can check it at the earliest tomorrow because I haven't the Powerpoint with me.
Could there be other reasons as well?
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The set up slide show specifying slides or custom shows or hidden slides are the most likely. If it's not one of those then it's something extremely uncommon, and in that case you'll get a better answer by uploading the deck.
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How can I know, if a slide is hidden?
It will be kind of ghosted out. You'll also see a slash through the number in the slide thumbnails pane.

hidden slides
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