outlook 2010 and exchage 2010 out of office error

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I have a 2010 exchange with clients running outlook 2010, when I try to use the out of office in outlooks it tells me that it is no available but it work in owa, what is wrong?
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Saif ShaikhServer engineer

Is this happening to one user or all users.

Check if auto-discover is working in outlook.

Check by running test-emailautoconfiguration in outlook to see if auto-discover succeeds.
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010

Out Of Office requires EWS and Autodiscover to function properly (As saif mentions). If the Outlook clients are not configured with Autodiscover, determine if Autodiscover is configured at all (see if there is an Autodiscover.domain.com record in DNS that points to the mail servers). If it's not configured, add an A record that points autodiscover.domain.com to the mail server.

You'll also want to make sure you have autodiscover records that match your email domain. So if you have Internal DNS for AD (domain.local or similar "non public" domains) and a "public" email domain (domain.com or similar), you'll need to have things set up correctly for Autodiscover to function correctly to allow Out of Office lookups to succeed. how you accomplish this depends on your domain setup, but is most effectively accomplished with a technique known as "Pinpoint DNS." ( https://acbrownit.com/2017/04/24/resolving-the-internalexternal-dns-zone-dilemma/ has more info on the technique and how to use it)

There are some complicated issues, so you first need to determine if autodiscover is properly functioning in the environment. Let us know that. Saif mentions the test autoconfiguration tool, this can be accessed by opening outlook, then holding CTRL while right clicking the Outlook Icon in the notification area. The option to test email autoconfig will show in the options that appear.
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