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I would like to display a weather widget on a MS access form. I can use the ActiveX browser control to  navigate the http can it be used to navigate a weather widget
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Not sure what the question is....that's exactly how you'd do that; drop the web browser control onto the form and then set the URL.  Do you need an example?
 The docs for it are here:


Also be aware that the control is old and emulates IE7 as a default.   You can bring it up to IE 11 with a registry entry. You can find details on that here:


 The page discusses in relation to VFP, but it applies to the web browser control and Access as well.   It's the same registry keys that you need to work with, and the blog post is a good one.  It's the one I first used when starting out.

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If you pull the URL of that widget text, it opens and displays nicely:

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