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we have an urgent requirement of deploying some updates and internet explorer 11 on the windows 7 clients.

we have a lot of agents without sccm agent as we have some pki issues.

I want to temporarily install a wsus server and want to install a few updates and internet explorer 11

is it ok to redirect the clients to a temporary wsus server for updates and then unlink the GPO so that the clients go back to the SUP installed on SCCM.

any help on installing and configuring the wsus server for my situation
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Just don't. I realise you are struggling but see the other answers I have given regarding CM + IE11! Building another WSUS box is going to over-complicate your life.
Forget that. (If the business/site is offline you will need to install WSUS and then get offline updates and that takes hours and hours).

Concentrate on getting IE11 working with SCCM, then worry about the machines that are not being managed (have no CM client at all). You need to look into why, there are many reasons and many solutions for that - raise another question when you are ready.



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