Is Mac Cleanup Pro a Trustworthy app?

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I have Mac Cleanup Pro in my tray and it claims to have 1020 issues to resolve on my MacBook Pro, 7.7 Gb recoverable..
Is this a trustworthy app, or a Nigerian backdoor credit card sniffing program? 7.7 is nothing too concerning, but it makes me wonder..

What should I know?

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It's a PuP in the category of "ScareWare" - it doesn't cause any harm on its own but flags a load of false positives encouraging the user to install a paid version - which doesn't do anything different apart from telling you the concerns from the free version have been eliminated(!)

In MacOS you should simply be able to remove it through Applications but beware of any rogue applications it is bundled with including fake FlashPlayer installers.
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Badware..I would recommend uninstalling this application as soon as possible. This application is known to cause trouble, scaring people to believe that they have issues with their computer.

To make sure it is completely removed from your mac, I would recommend installing Malwarebytes to remove the app and all of its files completely.
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Thanks all
Much appreciated

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