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Hello Experts!

I have read a few articles on advantages and disadvantages of doing an EDI implementation on your own, and I kind of understand it a little bit. I still want to proceed on doing the EDI implementation myself and accept the challenges that it may involve, rather than going with outsourced solution.

Had anyone here implemented EDI on their own, successfully? If so, can you please direct me to some of the resources you have used and some real experience tips and tricks.

I'm kind of looking for some guide how to start this project. We are using Business Central on a SaaS environment.

Thank you in advance!
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It would be nice to have more info.
EDI between who/what/how/why
Using previously established EDI formats? Own format?

Basically, it's just communication, of data. Set off a stable working outsourced solution against your own ability to program/implement a solution that works towards the same stability/durability/robustness, and decide.
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10 Steps you need to follow before even starting https://www.gs1.org/standards/edi/implementation


Hi Kimputer, I apologize for lack of info and thank you for your response! I'm pretty new with Dynamics 365 Business Central and EDI. I'm in the very early stages of learning the system and trying to understand every parts of it. I thought I can ask a general question about EDI with very little info and can be answered with hypothetical data. Sorry again.

Hi David, thank you for your response! Very helpful and informative!
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Does your company have its own PREFIX as of now? Will you be using GS1 XML? What do your partners require..

You provided another piece of the information. Dynamics itself doesn't support EDI. Therefore, there are a few third party software companies who have jumped in to fill the gap. The questions still remains the same though, as you will have to see if those solutions suit your needs, or you still need a custom solution.
Even if you don't know the answers yet, you must have an idea about the EDI direction? (Only going out of the system, only coming in, or even BOTH directions)
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You are not saying what you want to use EDI for?

If you just want to communicate with your warehouse you might be able to pull it off.

If you need to communicate with 100 customers, each with their own format, you may need a lifetime to make it work from scratch.

Search the net for specifications of the EDI documents you are interested in. Explore how different and complex they can be.

Good luck!

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