SMS Group Texting

I need to find a phone number different from my cell phone that will let me send SMS group texts.

Google voice allows me to have a different phone number than my cell phone but won't let me do group texting.

I need an alternative.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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DaleSystem AdministratorCommented:
Google Voice on Android says it supports group SMS messaging. What mobile platform do you use, and with which make/model phone?

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Lansing Nye-MaddenNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Is this for an automated messaging list or is it for personal use? I would say that the easiest way to achieve this is utilizing email to sms functionality if you are trying to use this programmatically and do not wish to purchase a shortcode. If you are using this for personal use, google voice does natively support group messages, but I believe that YOU have to be the initator of the group message, you do not join an SMS (actually mms for group messages) group chat when someone includes you on a group message.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
You hit on some key points.

First, to answer your question, it is for personal, non-business use.

The first point you brought up was to use email to SMS.  I have not yet explored that.  Definitely worth exploring and I would not have a problem purchasing whatever I might need for this.

The second point you brought up is using Google Voice. I need it to be an SMS message so that each person gets a message to them and I can respond to each person individually as opposed to the whole group.
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