Do most javascript games avoid sound?

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if I make a Javascript game, most I see on my phone don't do sound.
Is that the norm? Avoiding sound? I couldn't see .wav or .mp3 in their code
One time ago my dad had game swirling sounds playing loud from his laptop, and the cats became very upset.

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Hi beavoid,

Yes we can play sound in javascript:

<script src="sounds.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

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Then edit the sounds object to add your sounds...
"dead" : {
  url : "sounds/dead.wav"
"ping" : {
  url : "sounds/ping.mp3",
  volume : .5

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More info in this page.
Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer

Games are often built with limited development resources. Adding sound is another layer of complexity. Sound can definitely improve a game but it might get left out unless it is core functionality.

Games are often built for a target audience. On a mobile device this means that if you download sound you'll be spending extra bandwidth on something that you're probably playing in a public setting with the sound off.

That said there are many libraries out there which help to simplify working with audio in javascript, such as
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