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Harel N
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I have  Dell MD3420-21.6T-SAS-OEM lying there with no use... :) So I want to use it ...
Few questions...because I never touched one of those ... I downloaded few guides but not sure how to configure....

How do I Start using it ? Do I must use ESXI and WMWARE and to add the server as a storage?
Can I use this storage as regular data storage? just to configure storage for files and give it IP address ?

Any reference will be great...
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You can use any OS you like, Windows, Linux, VMware etc, all supported.

It is block level, you cannot use it for files except as a big hard disk attached to a file server.

You will need a SAS HBA (not a PERC RAID controller) to connect it to the server. It doesn't talk TCP/IP except for the management ports. You will need to download MDSM to setup virtual disks on it.

Support matrix is at

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