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Initial Replication Error on New AD Domain

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Last Modified: 2019-04-02
Looks like I'm back again.

I created a new domain on my Windows Server 2016 Essentials domain controller, and transferred all my users to it. Everything seemed to be going well until I took off the static ip I had set on one of my user machines.

This led me to check my Server Manager on my one and only domain controller, and I found the following errors.

Error 1202: DFSR
Additional Information:
Error: 160 (One or more arguments are not correct.)

Error 1202: ADWS
This computer is now hosting the specified directory instance, but Active Directory Web Services could not service it. Active Directory Web Services will retry this operation periodically.
 Directory instance: NTDS
 Directory instance LDAP port: 389
 Directory instance SSL port: 636

Warning 4013: Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Server-Service
The DNS server is waiting for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to signal that the initial synchronization of the directory has been completed. The DNS server service cannot start until the initial synchronization is complete because critical DNS data might not yet be replicated onto this domain controller. If events in the AD DS event log indicate that there is a problem with DNS name resolution, consider adding the IP address of another DNS server for this domain to the DNS server list in the Internet Protocol properties of this computer. This event will be logged every two minutes until AD DS has signaled that the initial synchronization has successfully completed.

None of this makes much sense to me as it's a new DC and shouldn't be replicating to anything. What can I do to get my DNS and DHCP servers back online?

Thank you for taking a look at my question, I feel like I'm getting close. :)
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System Administrator / Postmaster
Check in your network card dns settings: replace with the IP of your DC, restart netlogon service.
Also check in DNS event log for errors
systechSenior Technical Lead

Did you removed the static IP from the users machine and put it back on the DC?. looks like the user machine name been registered in DNS with that static IP, if so, delete the entry from DNS console and see if you are still facing issue?
Mahlon OteroOwner / IT Specialist


@Michelangelo & @systech thank you for your help.

I'll test out both solutions this week and repost a question if I have any issues.