Best audio format to use for RingTones ?

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Best audio format to use for RingTones ?

I found some information online about what file types can be used as ringtones and the info is kinda all over the place.
Some say that WAV files can be used as ringtones, some say they have to be converted, some state that file types must be converted to M4R.

Anyone know the real story ?  Is there not one foolproof format that I can convert the audio files to and work on Android and IPhone ?

Thank you,  Any help is appreciated.
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MP3 is the universal and most popular format for ringtones for both Android phone and iPhone.

But for iPhone, you need to know on how to convert the music files to ringtones using a computer with iTunes installed.
iOS uses an audio format based on MPEG .. it's called M4A.

The Ringtone file is a 30 second max length M4A file where you simply rename the extension to M4R but in all other respects it’s a normal M4A file.

There is NO universal Ringtone format .. so if you prepare a 30 second or less MP3 file it will work on Android ... and then there are lots of free apps and services which will convert a MP3 to M4A .. then simply rename the extension to M4R and install on iPhone using iTunes
You can use NCH software to convert virtually any audio file to a ringtone in any format.  I generally convert my mp3 files to ringtone format after cropping them.  You can also send the cropped and converted file via text or email.


Thank you for everyones input, I was able use the NCH software to convert the files.

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