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Is it possible to automate backups of the logs in Event Viewer on Windows Server so that I don't have to manually go in and backup the log?
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Backup to what end? You could forward events to a central server where it can be processed, and inserted into a DB using powershell, vbscript look at tools that can alert on events ..
schtasks you can setup a script to run extracting/pulling events,

IMHO if you are pulling data, might as well make it useful, convert the event into a searchable DB entry.

A backup is commonly of data you know and might need in the future. here you are backing up data that you do not know what is there unless and until something happens and you need to go back and look at all your event backups to locate the window of the event and then see if there is anything of use there.

How many systems are you dealing with?

Since 2008 if memory serves, event forwarding was an option. to setup on 2012 ..

splunk is the commercial log cruncher... there are alternatives...
there are somany options as Arnold said the event forwarder is one of the nice option ..additionally you can
user SolarWind simple tool which is free..

other Option is backup
which can run by task scheduler
check the following link to achieve it step by step.

if you are concirned about security monitoring then you can use
Log analyzers ex:


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