Assistance with 3 Thin clients that are disconnecting from wireless constantly.

I currently have an issue with 3 thin clients that are not maintaining wireless stability and constantly disconnect.   I am told updating the firmware will fix this however I wanted to check with the pros to get their opinion.   I am not familiar with any of these units as far as the admin console on how to manually flash the firmware as well as obtain the actual correct firmware itself.   Could someone assist?  I have attached the screen shots of all 3 units.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAsked:
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Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:

I found this model but not sure which one is the correct firmware to update.
JasonSenior Engineer Commented:
This is the one that would be related to network connectivity.

Install that on the thin client and see if wireless connections are more stable.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:
Jason can I install that on all 3 thin clients?  I think the one thin client looked different than the other 2 HP's from the screenshot.  Also I am not familiar with HP's thin clients how do you get into admin mode to do the upgrade
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:
Downloaded thin install 7.1 from HP fully reinstalled both thin clients they are connecting now so far without disconnection issue.

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Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:
Jason unfortunately the Linux 7.1 OS I upgraded to did not fix the issue.   Unfortunately the driver file you listed is for a windows based OS this is running Linux.    I did notice my personal laptop as well as my phone disconnected from the locations AP as well.   We are going to quote a new wireless solution to our customer and hopefully this resolves the issue.   They exercised the thought of purchasing a wireless extender but I am not going to entertain the though of trying to support a 130$ piece of equipment that just plugs into the wall.
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