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Need a recommendation on a good NAS

I am going to back up two servers and maybe 3 workstations to it nightly. Don't need a lot of bells and whistles. Maybe 5-bays with RAID 5 or 6. Want something rock solid reliable and easy to maintain. I look at QNAP and there are just too many bells and whistles. Too many different models. Any suggestions?
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Look and compare the options between Drobo and Synology
Personally I prefer DROBO since you are not limited to adding matched drives.
Also remember the NAS must be disconnected after each backup, else Ransomware will encrypt the NAS as well.
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QNAP boxes are solid.
My .02:

And they can do a lot, (no doubt others can as well).

First you determine capacity you need to store (also include growth for a few years).
Then look at drive options.   1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB...  your total storage requirement deviced by disk size detemines the number of disks.
best to use RAID 6 ( add 2 for parity ) or RAID 10  double then count.

Then decide what model you need (2, 4, 8 bay models)   and add the number of disks in the order.
software wise,   arm models are slightly less performant compared to  x86.
x86 models can handle some form of container tools.

Choose a recent model for longest support...
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I am familiar with NASs and QNAP. I have used theirs before and they were nice but I remember a lot of bells and whistles none of which I need. I just need storage for backups. It is interesting. I looked at Synology. Not a lot of cost saving over QNAP. Just want to see what else is out there.
QNAP doesn't install all by default.. and some of the things they do install can still be removed.
Basicly it is a storage device providing: Samba, NFS, Apple network.
QNAP and Synology

To select a suitable model, go to their websites and there you can choose SMB, Home, Enterprise etc.. They have mentioned the intention and capacity of each model.
Thanks guys. I went with Synology. Very simple NAS and easy to understand. Seems to work well.