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Downloading the .AES code from a Cisco WLC 2504 - possible?

I want to downgrade a Cisco 2504 WLC from 8.3 to 7.6. I believe this needs to be done in two steps.

First downgrade to 8.0. This was successful.

But now I see that 7.6 code is no longer available for download from Cisco due to some bug in that train. Yet 7.6 is running on some of my active WLCs.
Is there a way I can obtain the 7.6 from one of my active WLCs and put it onto an sftp server? If I go to Commands/Upload file - the file type in the dropdown
are: Config, logs, crash file, debug file and a bung of other things. Everything except the .aes code that I want to obtain for my lab device.

Any suggestions? I tried using WinSCP to sftp or scp to the WLC in hopes of grabbing the code that way. But no luck.
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